We are Joe and Michèle Mozian and we like to eat and travel. We’ve been visually documenting our mis-adventures from our first backpack tour of Europe to over 60 countries and countless cities ever since. We’ve been photographing our meals and videotaping our international adventures long before the internet was a thing.

What makes this blog unique from other travel blogs is that it’s also a travel memoire spanning over 2 decades and featuring some of the funniest stories we’ve been telling for years.

What you won’t find on this site are aerial drone videos of Michèle bungee-jumping off a bridge in New Zealand or me cliff diving at a remote beach wearing a thong (Wait! Did I just mix that up?) There are hundreds of sites like that, and we like many of them, but that’s just not what we do.

This site is about our interactions (and mis-interactions) with each other and the world. On our trips, we stay with friends, at fancy hotels and at dumps. We eat at family homes, chic restaurants, outdoor markets and make-shift stalls on the streets. Sometimes our days start at 6AM and sometimes that’s when they end.

All stories in this blog focus on our mis-adventures – NOT the “perfect” vacation!

  • The Maldives lion fish that almost killed Michèle.
  • The New Zealand business trip where I almost drowned rafting.
  • Why the best way to see the Louvre is in wheelchair.
  • Hiding on the floor of a taxi during a (potential) Napalese revolution.
  • How a high-ranking Tibetan Monk annoyed an oblivious American. (Joe)

Our tolerance for relaxing quietly on a remote beach is roughly 90 minutes (Well Michèle might not totally agree with that one.)

The name of this site, FIRST OFF THE PLANE, is courtesy of Michèle, because I’m the annoying guy on the plane bouncing out of his seat as soon as the Captain announces we are preparing to land. Michèle would always ask, “Why do we always have to be the first off the plane?”


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